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Our vision is to create beautiful things. Things that are made to be used, to share or to give away. Things that lift the spirit and gladden the heart.
Things that last.

Our believe is that beautiful things can change the appearance of your inner rooms as well as your surrounding spaces.
We seek inspiration from tiny moments in our everyday lives, like the scent of soft baby curls, the freshness of a tangy mandarin or the smell after the rain when the world is washed clean.

Our wish is to share BLISS.
When you fall asleep in our floral sheets to a light scent of lavender, when you wrap yourself warmly while having your morning tea or when you rock the cradle to soft melody, we wish for you to feel how blissful life can be.

We hope that a gift from BLISS to yourself or somebody else will be worn, torn and beloved for many years to come.
And special enough for you to save for the next generation.


Jag vill prenumerera på nyhetsbrevet.